1KVA Techfine Inverter

1KVA Techfine Inverter

Product Description

AV Series Inverters are electronic generators based on Microcontroller PWM-MOSFET technology which has a high efficiency inverter and a heavy duty integrated battery charger. The unit will automatically switch over to an external battery source when incoming AC line power fails or is too high/low, beyond acceptable limits. In this condition it will continue to supply stable power. With this inverter, you will never be left without power when you need it!

Products features
1.Ultra wide input voltage range 
2.Two stage battery charge
3.Generator compatible
4.Multifunction LED indications& Buzzer alarms
5.Battery deep discharge protection
6.Overload/Short circuit/Auto restart feature
7.Noiseless and pollution-free
8.Reliable & Trusted


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