The benefits of solar water heating are well known – energy from the sun costs nothing, and depending on which E-Sun model you select, you can receive an average 80% of your hot water requirements for free!  And while you're reducing your power bill, you're helping the environment.  Superior design, advanced technology and quality materials ensure the very best in efficiency, slashing your heating costs while you enjoy steaming hot water, all year round.

That's why E-Sun systems are the smart choice in water heating.  European Engineering  Engineered with advanced solar heating technology and using only the highest quality materials, E-Sun systems assure superior performance and a longer operating life coming with a standard 5 year limited warranty and hardly any maintenance costs.   E-Sun offers a choice of a vitreous enamel or stainless steel tank giving customers a wider choice of hot water preferences.

E-Sun hot water systems comply with the most rigorous manufacturing standards and are rated with higher efficiency than equivalent competitor models. The tougher construction and clever design principles make E-Sun systems ideal for any environment.