Renewable Energy, one of the solutions to population crisis.

Ibadan, 02 December 2018, Solar Energy expert Engr. Ayo Adenigba urged the exploration of renewable energy as solution to impending energy crisis caused by population explosion in the Country.
Adenigba said this at the 2018 Customer Day organised by NEXGEN Energy for her customers nationwide.
He noted that with the Country’s current population growth of about 200 million, energy demand is set to double within the next 10 years. Hence, it is imperative to embrace alternative sources of energy for power generation. Renewable energy is scalable, the idea of scalability is that it can be increased per time more so as the technology has has
come to stay.

Adenigba also added that the power situation in Nigeria is critical and there will be more crisis if nothing is done. The national grid with support from distributing and generating companies have a lot to do and NEXGEN is complimenting in her own way by providing various renewable solutions for SMEs, individuals and big establishments.
NEXGEN Energy emphasises the need to educate and orientate people on the advantages of renewable energy submitting that it would lift the burden on the national grid. With Nigeria embracing latest technology in renewable energy field, storage challenges which hitherto caused initial set backs would come to an end with the introduction of lead-carbon battery which is a latest technology NEXGEN Energy would soon take delivery of to ensure maximum satisfaction for her customers and end users at all times.
Highlights of the Nexgen Energy Customer Day was a presentation session by six senior secondary school students on ‘‘Challenges of the power situation in Nigeria and proffered solutions.’’
There were lots of give aways. The second and third runner ups smiled home with 1000w and 500w Solar Generators respectively and the winner of the ‘win a trip to Dubai campaign’ was unveiled amidst fanfare and fireworks, 65-year-old Mrs Ademola Bello, a fish farmer clinched this enviable ticket.

One thought on “Renewable Energy, one of the solutions to population crisis.

  1. Ezinne Ibe says:

    Nexgen Energy recognises that Renewable Energy is energy for the future and the youths of Africa have a great role to play in our future. Having ‘young minds’ talk about the Power situation in Nigeria during Nexgen Energy 2018 Customer Day brought a lot to the fore. There is need to positively redirect their minds so that Africa will by herself proffer a lasting solution to power generation and distribution issues.

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