SD Series

Low frequency design

Advanced high speed IGBT structure

Output with isolation transformer

PFC Technology

EM/RFI noise filters

Self diagnostic at UPS start up

True sine wave output

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Designed in small footprints,Online Frequency UPS online series integrates true double conversion design,DSP technology,and active input power factor correction design to ensure better output voltage conditions,power quality and power performance at all times.Besides,easy-configurable program via LCD panel enhances the flexibility to meet ever-increasing power demand of IT and networked environment.

Product features
1.Low frequency design
2.Advanced high speed IGBT structure
3.Output with isolation transformer
4.PFC Technology
5.EM/RFI noise filters
6.Self diagnostic at UPS start up
7.True sine wave output


1.Critical servers

2.Network station

3.Process control

4.Laboratory instruments