Who We Are

Incorporated in 2014, Nexgen Energy is a mini grid solar/alternative energy solution and service provider offering services for Solar, Inverter, Battery and UPS solutions.
We aim to promote and enhance the use of affordable clean energy for lighting and general purposes in homes and businesses and by doing this, we address Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 7 (Affordable and clean Energy) and SDG No. 13 (Climate Action).

With our experience in various fields of engineering and a savvy team at Nexgen Energy, we implement renewable/green energy applications with competitiveness to provide electricity access in sub -Saharan Africa with focus on Nigeria. We contribute to solving the problem of skills shortage in repairs and maintenance of inverter systems through capacity building programs to tackle the industry’s need for low level technicians skillful in inverter system repairs and maintenance.

Young aspiring entrepreneurs have through our numerous activities leveraged innovative technology in the renewable energy sector to grow their start-ups and SMEs to thrive; bring to life novel business ideas and customized renewable energy solutions in partnership with clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


Company Vision

To become a top-class energy solution provider of choice offering services for Solar, UPS, Inverter and Battery solutions in Africa.

Our Mission
To provide an economically reliable green energy solution that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Our Values

I – Integrity
We treat our customers, shareholders, stakeholders, suppliers and each other with integrity at all times, with respect in our actions, honesty and openness in our communication.

II – Excellence
We provide quality services and products for our customers and stakeholders in a professional, accurate and timely manner.

III – Customer Centric
We provide an economically reliable green energy solution that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

IV – Accountability
We are accountable to our stakeholders – customers, suppliers and each other for our work, our actions and the services we provide.

V – Commitment to Staff Welfare
We foster a healthy and supportive environment, leverage diversity and promote mental, physical and social well-being.

Our Team
Multi-disciplinary professionals and network of engineers in the field of Power Electronics who are open to new business models that scale up our reach to underserved and unserved communities. Our team is ready to apply specific solutions across all phases of Energy Management including planning, implementation, financing and Monitoring.

Our approach
1. Develop Scalable business models that are critical in solving energy infrastructure deficit in Nigeria.

2. One State after the other, Nexgen Energy continues to provide economically viable solar solutions for customers to enjoy 24/7 electricity for productive use.

What we do

Nigeria’s erratic power supply is a well documented topic, this has led its citizens towards other power sources. This is where we come in as an independent distribution and services company for renewable energy solutions based in Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. At Nexgen we build, and supply product to help generate 24 hours electricity to homes and businesses across Nigeria.

In summary, we Reduce your electricity bills by utilizing our Energy efficient Products, increase your public electricity availability using our on-demand Energy Storage and Inverter System, increase your public electricity reliability using our Stabilizer products, assist clients generate their energy using our Sustainable Solar Energy Source.

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Why Choose Us?

Working with Nexgen brings numerous favorable circumstances. Our ability stretches out to all phases of a energy management planning, implementation, financing, and monitoring. We deliberately take a look at your present utility rate alternatives, anticipated framework execution on month to month premise in light of real site conditions and consider your particular loan cost, electric rate and duty rate situations to decide your potential sparing/gaining over the lifetime of the hardware.

We are one of the industry Technology Leaders with a decade of experience, a dynamic and professional team as our core strength, Nexgen Energy has already positioned herself as one of the major players in the Power Electronics Industry. We have adopted most modern technology and our products are way ahead of those available in the market