The Nexgen Universal Solar Access is designed to support Nigerians to get over the frustrations of little or non-availability of electricity supply by switching to Sustainable self-generation of Electricity using Nexgen Solar System or conserving Electricity using Nexgen Inverters. The Solar Access Program removes the barrier of non-affordable Solar and Inverter Systems through the introduction of up to 3-months payment plan for Solar and Inverter bundles designed to create easier and effective access to solar energy.

Who can participate?

The Nexgen Universal Solar Access is for all Nigerians, employed and self-employed who own homes or live in a rented apartment, for big and small offices, schools, cooperatives, churches, mosques, banks, military and para-military institutions. All who wish to participate in the program need to produce valid identification, evidence of gainful or self-employment, evidence of responsible citizenship like utility bills, and an introductory letter from a bank and reference letter from their friends or employer or heads of department. With an initial payment of 50% of total cost and a plan that spreads the balance up to 3 months, the Solar or Inverter bundle is installed. All products in the bundle enjoy manufacturers’ warranty of between 1 – 25 years.

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For Frequently asked questions about Nexgen Universal Solar Access, click here.

The Benefits

The benefits include:

  1. Access to constant Electricity
  2. No recurrent operational cost as there is no need to buy fuel
  3. A substantial reduction on electric bills even if they are estimated
  4. Increased Productivity and 24/7 entertainment
  5. Advanced quality of life
  6. Improved security

How to Apply

– Read the requirements for eligibility

– Download and complete the Application form (click here to download the Nexgen USA Application form).

– Download and complete the Guarantor form (click here to download the Nexgen USA Guarantor form).

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Application Checklist (for processing)

1) Completed application form

2) Utility bill for your place of residence

3) Valid Means of identification (International passport/Drivers license)

4) Completed guarantor form

5) Copy of bank statement( Six(6) months)

Completed Application form and other required documents should be submitted to our office

By either Courier to:

Nexgen Energy and Allied Services Limited
25 Ladoke Akintola Street,
New Bodija, Ibadan


Via email to:

We urge Nigerians, individuals and corporate bodies to key into the Nexgen Universal Solar Access and endow yourself with access to constant electricity. The Nexgen Energy Universal Solar Access Program is also designed to educate the public on the benefits of using Solar and conservation of electricity as a means of quickening the pace of the nation towards the attainment of the renewable energy goals of 2020. The program contributes to the fight against climate change and would create thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector.

What products are in each Solar or Inverter bundle?

Each solar or inverter bundle is configured to provide steady electricity in homes and offices running appliances like Fans, Televisions, radios, fridges, laptops, indoor lightings, perimeter lightings, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nexgen USA

The Nexgen Universal Solar Access (USA) is an instalment payment plan program designed by Nexgen Energy and Allied Services Limited to ease the acquisition of solar energy harvesting components like inverters, batteries and solar panels at affordable cost. The program enables qualified individuals and/or businesses to acquire solar energy and pay over a 12month period. It is a program designed also as a means to educate the public on the benefits of using solar energy to quicken the pace of the nation towards the attainment of the renewable energy goals 2020, especially as it contributes to the fight against climate change through the provision of clean energy for a green environment.
The Nexgen Universal Solar Access Program enables you to apply for and buy any of the approved solar bundles on an instalment basis. Upon approval, the applicant is required to pay a deposit of the Total Cost of the product. This total cost includes the original cost of the components of the system, the installation costs, the insurance premium for the burglary and fire and the cost of funds of only 25%. These costs make up the total cost. The balance after the payment of the 30% deposit is spread over the tenor of the asset.

The program is designed primarily for the following class of individuals and businesses:-

  • 1. Employees in the Federal and State Government Civil Service
  • 2. Employees of Federal & State Government Parastatals, Departments and Agencies.
  • 3. Employees in the banking sector
  • 4. Employees in the insurance industry
  • 5. Employees in other multinational companies
  • 6. High networth private corporate bodies and businesses
  • 7. Employees in the organised private sector.
  • 8. Cooperatives and Associations in any of these organisations
The products available are in various sizes and are all designed to be able to solve all basic energy needs in a home like energy for Fans, TVs, radios, fridges, laptops, indoor lightings, perimeter lightings, etc. Click here to view products.
Yes. For applicants who are already using Inverters and batteries, they can also participate in the program through the add-ons available on the program. These Add-Ons will convert the existing inverter bundles to solar energy bundles.
Application forms for Nexgen Universal Solar Access can be downloaded free of charge on our website, click here to download the Application form. Applicants are to complete and submit the form. They will be contacted immediately after.
The products under Nexgen Universal Solar Access are insured for fire and burglary to protect both the customer and the company against loss. The insurance policy is in favour of Nexgen Energy for the duration of the instalment payments only.
You are required to sign an agreement that enables you to possess the bundles after paying the 30% deposit and confers ownership completely after the last instalment has been paid.
No additional payment or fee is required once the instalment is fully paid.
No. The minimum deposit required is 30%. Prospects who wish to pay above the minimum amount are encouraged to do so.
We are determined to satisfy most demands under this scheme. Each request is evaluated and our response is customized to offer effective electricity solutions. We can customize the solution to meet your needs and still have it in the payment plan.
The program offers manufacturers’ warranty of up to 1years on every battery, 1years warranty on all Inverters and 10years warranty on each solar panel.
You do not need any collateral to be part of this program, the equipment that we have deployed to your residence or office serves as collateral, pending when you complete the payment and ownership transfers to you.
Yes, each person that is to participate in the program is to provide a guarantor who must be his/her employer, or his/her bank or a Clergy man, town union president, cooperative union president, trade union president , or a civil servant of the rank of Director. The guarantor counter signs the form and valid photocopy of identification. Click here to download the Guarantor's Form.