Features of Techfine Batteries

  1. Electrolyte is made of gel materials containing SiO2, non-fluid or no gradation, and average distribution in plates.
  2. Proper excessive electrolyte is filled into the battery to avoid DRY OUT under high temperature or over-charging. Good cooling performance prevent THERMAL RUNAWAY of battery.
  3. Radioactive structure of grids can enhance the utilization ratio of active material. Pb-Ca-Sn-Al alloy isused to improve corrosion-proof performance of positive plates and to reduce come out of hydrogen from negative plates
  4. Cover and container are made of ABS plastics. Heat sealing prevents any leakage
  5. Excellent recharging efficiency after deep discharge and outstanding performance for cycle operation.
  6. Welcomed by 183 courtries user
  7. Reward trusted brand in China Bureau of commerce
    3.99.99% lead pruity to gurantee higher power and long life
  8. Strong recovery abitily after deep discharged

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