Precautions to take while installing an inverter system (1)


All inverters have rated capacity both in KVA(Kilovolt Ampere) or in Watts.
The wattage/Watts (W) is best used to calculate load as it is the real power the inverter can accommodate.

To prevent Overload,

  1. Be sure the total appliance in Watts connected, is less than the inverter capacity.
  2. Do not connect appliance or appliances, with total capacity (watts) higher than that of the inverter.
  3. Consider 3-6 times the ratings of inductive loads such as AC, Pumping Machine, Fridge or freezer etc while calculating for load.
  4. Installing a load breaker can also help prevent Overload after installation, by turning off the output circuit when Overload is sensed.

Overload, when it happens can damage the power or control board and/or other critical component of the inverter. In some cases the whole inverter.

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