#IWD2023: Solar energy products are vital to improving women’s life

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day with the theme, DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality, Nexgen Energy has vowed to leave no stone unturned in efforts to provide solar energy products that improve women’s life.

The theme of this year’s IWD celebration aligns with the company’s position in providing alternative, reliable and stable renewable energy sources to boost women’s chances in the digital technology space.

The IWD this year is urging the world to embrace equity because equality is no longer enough. We need to support women more. At Nexgen, we recognize that power supply is just as vital as the air we breathe because almost everything now relies on electricity. And as the world is talking about increasing women’s chances in digital technology, reliable power is central to the desired success.

Women would contribute more to the economy if, in the absence of grid electricity, they have access to reliable renewable and clean energy sources to make their chores easier and faster.

Access to reliable, stable and renewable power supply is one way to bridge the productivity divide and simplify life with available technology. So, we cannot embrace equity without solar energy because women need power to be empowered.

Most women spend more time than men at home doing house chores like cooking and cleaning. While a few women can afford clean cooking with natural gas instead of electric cookers, others cook with firewood, charcoal or kerosene stoves, which are time-consuming, laborious and detrimental to their health. Many of these women lack access to power supply that speeds up house chores like washing, ironing, and cleaning. Nexgen understands this, which is why we’ll keep offering products that will continue improving lives.

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