Solar-powered outdoor lighting for communities

Outdoors are naturally illuminated during the day but extra lighting becomes compulsory after dark. Apart from general illumination, outdoor lighting is used to provide security, beautify environments and enhance nighttime human activities. Unfortunately, most communities that depend on grid electricity find it difficult to access these essential elements of nightlife. The use of generators even makes it more complicated in terms of cost and convenience.

There are however solar-powered outdoor lighting options that are enhancing outdoor lighting in many ways, irrespective of the vagaries of the weather – cloudy skies or rainy nights. They are eco-friendly, energy-efficient and easy to install. Homes, establishments and communities exploring these solar-powered options are using them to transform their lives.


Security of lives and property is a priority for any community, and streetlights play a crucial role in this regard. Darkness provides cover for dark deeds, so well-lit streets leave little room for criminals to operate. They make public spaces safer for pedestrians, motorists and frolickers. Solar streetlights provide uninterrupted lighting for security without power outage worries in areas with unreliable grid electricity. The use of solar streetlights also eliminates the possibility of a coordinated attempt to throw the street into darkness by simply attacking a transformer or central power source because each light post has its panel and batteries.

Productive nighttime and active nightlife

Night scenes from communities where children gather under the moonlight to play, adults chatting, eating and drinking in the open and small kiosks and shops doing business, are the fantasies of many, but the reality of those using solar street and outdoor lights. Peaceful, bright and stable, solar outdoor lights promote progress and development in rural and urban communities. They inspire residents to take pride in their neighbourhoods and promote a sense of togetherness.

Aesthetics and serenity

Outdoor solar lights transform urban and rural landscapes and supply an enchanting ambience at night. A night walk or “hang out”, in sleepy towns or bustling cities is a delight under a well-lit atmosphere. These eco-friendly luminaries also brighten up gardens, pathways, front yards or lawns at no carbon cost.

A wide variety of amazing outdoor solar lighting options for streetlights, spotlights, garden lights, fence lighting, wall lighting and lampposts are available at Nexgen Energy. These lights are available with weatherproof and decorative features. In addition to their durability, they boast long working durations on a full charge.

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